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ENGINEERING CONCEPTS, INC. (ECI) is a minority-owned small business founded in 1986. We are qualified as small business concern, administered by the U.S. Small Business Adminstration. Our prime objective is to provide our clients with high quality work that is accurate, timely, and meets our clients' expectations and needs.

Total Quality Management (TQM) is our firm's underlying quality control work principle. This concept focuses on greater communication and partnering with our clients externally and with our staff internally. Our staff participate along with the company principals in collectively formulating an efficient and effective plan to achieve the project objectives. Performance measurement indicators are developed to monitor job quality and progress. This participatory concept promotes a constancy of purpose, avoids the pitfalls of unforeseen complications, and instills in each member of the project team a clear understanding of the processes involved in the project. Participation at all working levels encourages innovation and instills a sense of ownership and pride in the delivered products.



Our staff at Engineering Concepts, Inc. consists of civil, sanitary, and environmental and computer-aided designers. Our projects are led by two principal engineers and four senior engineers.


Our staff has worked on numerous major developments in Hawaii for private industry as well as on projects for State, County, and Federal agencies and are therefore very familiar with government regulations and requirements. Past projects have included civil infrastructure, of roads, highways, drainage, potable water and non-potable water systems and wastewater treatment and disposal / recycling facilities.

Engineering Concepts, Inc. has extensive experience in the following areas:

  • Environmental Assessment Reports

  • Engineering Studies, Planning, and Design:

    • Civil Site Improvements for Residential, Resort, Commercial, Airport, and Harbor Developments

    • Highways and Roads

    • Water Systems

    • Wastewater Systems

    • Environmental Permits

Engineering Concepts, Inc. offers the following services:

  • Conceptual development infrastructure plans and preliminary construction cost estimates;

  • Engineering studies, with alternatives and recommendations for specific development and implementation programs;

  • Engineering assistance to process land use, zoning, and development plan change applications and other permits required by the Federal, State and County government agencies;

  • Coordination and consultation with affected government agencies to process planning and design documents for approval, including graphical exhibits for presentations at public meetings;

  • Water system engineering services including hydrologic investigations for water supply; water quality analyses; water master plans; distribution system hydraulic modeling; design of surface and ground water development sources, pumping stations, reservoirs, transmission and distribution piping systems; and irrigation systems;

  • Wastewater system engineering services including water quality sampling and laboratory analyses; wastewater management and facilities master plans; and design of collection and transmission piping systems, lift stations, and treatment plants including effluent and sludge disposal facilities;

  • Storm drainage engineering services including hydrologic studies; flood analyses and flood hazard reports; drainage master plans; erosion and silt control measures; and design of collection, transmission, retention, and disposition facilities; and

  • Highway and roadway engineering services including traffic measurement and analyses; development of design criteria; determination of optimum road alignment and grade; design of pavement, drainage and utility systems, pedestrian facilities, and bikeways; and traffic detour and phasing plans.



The production capability of Engineering Concepts, Inc. is enhanced by extensive use of microcomputer systems with access to a large library of civil sitework and utility infrastructure computer programs, including computer-aided drafting and design. Computers are utilized in conjunction with spreadsheets and advanced features of word processing programs to quickly and efficiently generate such items as cost estimates, and construction specifications.